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About Swansea, Toronto, Canada

Swansea is a mature and wealthy residential community in the municipality of Toronto. It is bounded by the Humber River to the west, Bloor Street West (including Bloor West Village) to the north, High Park to the east and Lake Ontario to the south. See it on the Swansea map.

Swansea History

It is of great importance to recognize that the First Nations were the first people to inhabit Swansea for hundreds of years before Swansea became Swansea. After the invasion of Europeans, the Native people gradually moved out. Europeans liked it so much that they called it the Garden of Eden. For many years Swansea was just a big area with several families, and on December 15, 1925 after many more people had moved here, Swansea was incorporated as a village - well known as the Village of Swansea. The name itself apparently was given by John Worthington, a native of Wales (United Kingdom), as he was fascinated by the similarity of the site to Swansea in Wales.

The Swansea Village corporate seal describes the history and terrain of this Toronto neighbourhood. The water in the Swansea seal refers to Swansea's natural boundaries, which include Lake Ontario, the Humber River and Grenadier Pond. In 1967, Swansea Village joined Forest Hill Village as one of the last two independent villages to be Amalgamated with the City of Toronto.

Geo-Physical Character of Swansea

Swansea is a community made up from a collection of many diverse natural and man-made features. However, the flowing manner in which these different elements blend together results in a unique and pleasant living environment. The dominant aspect of Swansea is that it exhibits a mild spatial exclusiveness to persons not familiar with the area. If it were not for its proximity to such public amenities as High Park and trendy Bloor West Village, Swansea would probably remain in complete isolation to the rest of the City of Toronto.

Swansea Details

Unlike the demanding natural features of the northern area, this area’s man-made character displays a more gentle and sleepy cottage atmosphere. The reason for this contrast is the uniform size and scale of the residences, which mark the northern as well as eastern and western perimeters. The southern end, on the other hand, is characterized by a dense clustering of low level apartment buildings (4-5 stories - Coe Hill Area), with four high rise condominiums (16-18 stories) in the central part of this area, and one recently (2006) built high rise condominium on the Queensway and Windermere Avenue with about 30 stories. The Swansea community is a nice blend of young singles, couples and senior citizens. Property owners in Swansea must pay a Council Tax, similar to an income tax, to pay for city services. Canadian tax software or CRA tax forms must be completed accordingly, even if the property owner is living abroad.

It is significant to note, however, that Bloor West Village is a major communication point for Swansea culturally, commercially and socially. Thus, its influence on the immediate community is very strong. Over the past five years this part of Bloor St. has undergone a dramatic evolution.

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