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160x80 Half Side Ad

160x600 Side Ad

160x320 Double Ad

Sample Ads available on Swansea Site

270x270 Square Ad This square ad (270x270) can be placed on home page and most of the other pages exactly on this position and it works best to announce an event and or run the ad for only few months as other ads are more affordable. This ad is not available on business directories where we have banners. See below. This is Above The Fold (ATF) prominent placement any anyone viewing this page would see this ad. Absolutely great for getting everyone's attention.

550x90 Banner Ad
This Ad could be also used on most pages except on home page. It could be placed on top of the page below the main banner or it could be placed at the bottom of the page. Size 550x90 gives a lot of real estate for providing all needed information. Great for business directories to be listed on the top of the page.

On the left hand side we have three different sizes for you to chose from. Available on most pages including directories, Home page, and most other regular pages.

The first ad on the left is half Ad and used more for getting a link to your site from one of our high Page Rank web pages rather than being a standard ad.

The second ad is a regular ad providing enough space for fitting all needed information for most businesses.

For those who need more space double ad is available in 160x320 size.

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