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(Must Read This Page) Due to the overwhelming response from the media and many requests from local businesses Swansea.ca started to offer ads on this web site. That was not the intention at the beginning but ads are part of most web sites today and it should bring some funding for further improvement of this website.

Based on the fact that visitors to the Swansea web site are 90% from Swansea and immediate neighbourhood - this has a unique value for advertisers who provide services and products within this area. For instance: advertising a flower shop or mortgage broker on a global scale does not make sense because most of the viewers are from outside of local area. Yes, they are from Toronto however in Scarborough you can also find hundreds of other mortgage brokers too. Therefore, this niche web site is a perfect resource for most local businesses.

Types of Ads: Graphic & Textual
We do offer three types of ads. Graphic ads without the link to a web site. Graphic ads with the link to the web site. Textual ads with the link to the web site. All types of ads are offered at the same price.

Types of Links: Standard and Redirect Linking
First type of the link is standard (regular) hypertext link as many web site owners prefer standard links for improving their PageRank by search engines. However, when regular links are used we can not track impressions and clicks (visits) and therefore web site owners should do that by themselves. Another type of link is called a forwarded link and by clicking on the ad users will be forwarded to the ads web site. We use proper 301 redirect such that the incoming link credit is still given by search engines. If this is too technical simply choose a forwarded link for your ad for your web site.

Prices, Sizes and Ad Locations (See Ad Samples)
Different sizes and different locations throughout the site makes a great selection for everyone's budget. If you are ordering multiple ads please submit the form for each ad. Below are the following ads that are offered on the Swansea.ca web site:

Name of the Ad Ad Location (Placement) Size in pixels Monthly $
1) Home Page Main Ad Homepage Before Text 270x270 $99.95
2) Home Page Double Side Ad Homepage Below The Menu 160x320 $69.95
3) Home Page Side Ad Homepage Below The Menu 160x160 $49.95
4) Home Page Half Side Ad Homepage Below The Menu 160x80 $19.95
5) Directory Banner Ad Any Directory Page 550x90 $49.95
6) Directory Double Side Ad Any Directory Page 160x320 $39.95
7) Directory Side Ad Any Directory Page 160x160 $29.95
8) Directory Half Side Ad Small Side Ad in any directory 160x80 $19.95
9) Directory Half Side Ad Banner Ad on any other page 550x90 $19.95
10) Other Pages Side Ad Side Ad on any other page 160x160 $19.95
11) Custom Banner Ad Ask for a price & availability XxY $xx.xx
See Ad Size and Location Samples

Ordering (placing) your ad on this web site
To place an order for your ad please fill out the form below or
call (416) 766-9656 for help or to obtain more information if needed.

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