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Bloor West Village is a trendy place to hang out, shop or just buy your favorite European breakfast. However, it is not an area where you will find a lot of top fancy/schmancy brand name products, like in Yorkville for instance, but it will impress your friends with its everyday lifestyle, including mild nightlife and a great array of multi-cultural bars and restaurants.
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Bloor West Village

Bloor West Village is a Toronto neighborhood, bounded by Bloor Street West to the South, Jane Street to the West, Runnymede Road to the East and Annette Street to the North. BUT, Bloor West Village Business Improvement Area has a different boundary focusing more on businesses rather than residential areas, and therefore refers only to that section of Bloor Street from Jane to High Park.
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Bloor West Village is Canada's oldest BIA (Business Improvement Area), founded in 1970 by Alex Ling and soon the concept expanded to other part of the city and North America. Bloor West Village BIA now consists of more than 440 shops, restaurants and services. The organization promotes business activity in the area by hosting several annual events and festivals. Read more about Bloor West Village Business Improvement Area at BloorWestVillage.ca Web Site - interesting to read.

Bloor West Village - Library, Timothy's, Chapters, St. Pius  X Church

Classic retail shops, business offices and professional service establishments are natural and native to this area. Bloor West also offers distinctive bakeries with fascinating European backgrounds, particularly Eastern European, as well as delicatessens and both family and high end restaurants. Bloor West Village is widely recognized as one of most popular shopping areas in Toronto, as well as being the host for the Ukrainian Bloor West Village Festival. There are over 400 shops, it is really a small city in a big city.

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