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Farmer Memorial Baptist Church

Located at 293 South Kingsway, just south of Bloor Street West it gives this whole area a special light that we are all enjoying it.

About The Farmer Memorial Name

Farmer Memorial Buptist Church in TorontoFarmer Memorial Baptist Church is named after Jones Hughes Farmer who prayed like Jesus and promoting that we would all grow in ways that are pleasing to God and that other human beings would see that the way we live is attractive to them and come to know Jesus Christ as Lord.

Jones Hughes Farmer was a scholar, teacher, professor and preacher, and went beyond his physical resources to ensure that his students had ample opportunity to explore the Bible and come to a better understanding of its complexities. He believed in reading the Bible carefully, intelligently and discovering what it has to say to the reader and he believed in equal rights for all.

Few Pictures of Farmer Memorial Buptist Church:

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