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Presbyterian Church at Morningside, Ellis Avenue and Kennedy Avenue
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Morningside-High Park Presbyterian Church

Located at 4 Morningside Avenue at the corner of Morningside Avenue, Kennedy Avenue and Ellis Avenue. A beautiful structure with the main entrance looking at the Ellis Aveune. Designated under the Ontario heritage act.

History About The Church

Presbyterian Church in Swansea, TorontoMorningside Presbyterian Church, Swansea, named after Morningside Church, Edinburgh, held its first Sunday Services, Dec. 8, 1889 conducted by Rev. Wm. Patterson of Cookes Church, in a home on Kennedy Avenue provided by one of its founders, Wm. Rennie.

A cedar-shingled church designed by John Gemmell was erected on a site donated by Wm. Rennie and opened Nov. 29, 1891. For sixteen years student missionaries from Knox College conducted the services. (Source: www.morningsidehighpark.com).

Another Photo of the Church

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