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Swansea Baptist Church (1911 - 1923)
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Swansea Baptist Church

Swansea Baptist ChurchSwansea Baptist Church existed from 1911 to 1923. A 40 feet by 25 feet frame structure (Photo on the right), built at a cost of $560, occupied a site on DeForest Road just east of Windermere Avenue.

This church eventually became Runnymede Road Baptist church at the corner of Colbeck and Runnymede Road. In January 1928 a group of seventy-eight members deemed it wise to withdraw and form a new congregation which was named Farmer Memorial Baptist Church in memory of the late Professor J. H. Farmer, Dean of Theology at McMaster University. This congregation met in the Runnymede Lawn Bowling Clubhouse until the present church was started on South Kingsway in March 1993 at a cost of $10,882.58.
(Source: Swansea Historical Society).

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