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Windermere United Church

This church is located at 356 Windermere Avenue at the intersection of Mayfield and Windermere avenues. Just few steps south of Bloor Street west in the popular Bloor West Village area.

About The Windermere United Church

Windermere Avenue Methodist Church was started as a "tent church" early in 1911 and on December 1st a portable church erected on this site held its first service. On March 01, 1914 a storm swept the community and made a total wreck of the building. Portions of it were found along DeForest Road and Yule Avenue and hymn books were picked up as far south as thepresent school. In little more than a month, the portable was replaced by a small frame church. In 1923 building of the present place of worship was begun and in 1926 it was opened for services. Church union in 1925 caused the name to be changed from Methodist to United.

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