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We understand the importance of businesses in Swansea, but this particular page is dedicated for non-profit organizations and associations, for public institutions as well as government institutions that are available to all residents of this area and this community. For a list of recreational, sports and other social organizations please see listing in society and culture directory. However, some other associations might be listed in other subdirectories like Sport and Recreation. The easiest way to find an association is searching by name.

Parks in the Swansea Area

There are quite a few parks in the Swansea erea, among them High Park which is the largest park in the city of Toronto. There is vast information on the High Park Community Advisory Council web site. Rennie Park is also quite a big park by city standards. Besides these two there are several smaller parks like South Kingsway Parkette, Ormskirk Park, Sir Casimir Gzowski Park down at the Lake Ontario. Our web site provides a lot of photos from all these parks, please check them out in our Swansea Parks section.

Movie Theaters

Swansea had two theatres: One at Bloor Street and Runnymede Avenue, which is now Chapters Bookstore; and another at Bloor and Jane where a new residential building will be erected. Today most Swanseaites go to Cineplex Odeon on the Queensway at Islington. It offers movies on 18 screens.

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