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Étienne Brűlé lived with Huron people for over 20 years.  

Étienne Brűlé

Brule leaving to TorontoThe life story of Étienne (Stephen) Brűlé, interpreter and explorer, contains an element of mystery. He was born about 1591, at Champigny-sur-Marne near Paris. He is believed to have made the voyage to Quebec in the company of Samuel de Champlain in 1608. It was the decisive move in his career. He was to become an interpreter , or dragoman (truchement in French), between the French and their Amerindian allies. But he was above all a pathfinder and a scout. He played an essential role in the first documented journeys of exploration in New France by going ahead of Samuel de Champlain, Gabriel Sagard, Jean Nicolet, Nicolas Perrot and others of their ilk along the route to the Great Lakes. He appears to have been the first European to set eyes on the Ottawa Valley, Georgian Bay, Pennsylvania and four of the Great Lakes, and to give at least an oral description of them.

Brűlé was an excellent scout, or pathfinder. He went on many expeditions for Champlain and the fur traders. He explored the land west of Quebec.

More About Étienne Brűlé: http://www.canadiana.org/hbc/person/brule_e.html

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