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Jamie Bell Playground
Jamie Bell Playground (High Park)  

Jamie Bell and Swansea

Jamie BellJamie Bell (Apr 22, 1944 Sep 7, 2002) was a leader and an active participant in the High Park Citizens Advisory Committee, the Ontario Science Centre, the March of Dimes, the Swansea Recreational Advisory Board and the executive director of the Swansea Town Hall. He also had a personal style of raising issues in an inclusive manner. A very dedicated member of the community, Jamie was an outstanding leader and participant, inspiring action in all those around him.

Jamie Bell PlaygroundJamie Bell's community was Swansea. He was one of those sunny optimists always trying to figure out how to make things work for the best, a skill he used to great effect in designing exhibits at the Ontario Science Centre several decades ago. Jamie was passionate about community building and consultation, since he knew that the best place to make change was at the local level. A leadership and enthusiasm in building the playground in High Park that was named after him, "Jamie Bell Adventure Playground" (picture on the left) with a number of volunteers was one of his latest accomplishments.

Jamie Bell Playground Photos:
Playground from above
Entrance to the playground

His sudden death of a heart attack on Sept. 7, at 58 years of age, has been a shock to many, particularly since everything he did personified energy and strength. Many Swansea residents feel Jamie's death has left a large hole, not only in the lives of his partner and his three children, but in the very notion of community in Swansea and Bloor West Village.

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