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Coe Hill Drive in Toronto
Coe Hill Drive was named after Mark Coe.  

Mark Coe and Swansea

Mark Coe's father lived on an estate in Suffolk, upon which the Duke of Wellington's greys pastured after the battle of Waterloo. Mark inherited the military instinct, being orderly to Col. Cooper in the 93rd British regiment. Like other British soldiers in the early days, he was given land where the centre of London, Ontario, now stands. He settled in Swansea about the year 1846, and worked for the late J.G. Howard, until his death at age 85.

Mark Coe was one of the first permanent settlers in Swansea (1846). He was an orderly to Capt. Cooper of the 100th regiment at London Ontario. On leaving the service, he was granted 105 acres of the London bush land which later became the heart of the city. Mark Coe sold it all for $10. He came to Toronto and bought 50 acres in Swansea between Ellis and Windermere Avenues. At the north end he built a frame house and there farmed for many years until his death. Coe Hill Drive was named after him.

(Source: Swansea Historical Society)
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