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In Swansea, like everywhere else, we have events that occur periodically and events that come arround from time to time, or just once in a lifetime that no one wants to miss. We hope with this web site we will provide you with details about all events in the Swansea area so you don't miss any.

Past Events:

Noche Cubana (cuban night) [Friday Apr 29, 2016 - Saturday Apr 30, 2016]
Intimate Community Gathering hosted by Baka Gallery Cafe & Damidance Studio the last Friday of every month. - LIVE MUSIC. - Cash bar and menu available. - Dance class. More details at www.damidance.com

Retrofitting Vintage Homes for Energy Efficiency: Practical Know-How and Financing Options [Saturday Apr 26, 2014]
Learn from energy expert Greg Labbé how to make deep energy retrofits in your vintage home. Learn about the brand new low interest financing tool available from the City for those in the M6P and M6S postal code area how you can finance your retrofit.

Local Lead Generation Symposium [Tuesday Apr 15, 2014 - Wednesday Nov 16, 2016]
Come learn more about how to have your business generate leads, master social media and gain rapid exposure all managed for $349/month

bogy boy [Friday Apr 11, 2014 - Tuesday Apr 01, 2014]
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bogy [Wednesday Apr 02, 2014 - Tuesday Apr 01, 2014]

bogy [Wednesday Apr 02, 2014 - Tuesday Apr 01, 2014]

Green 13 & Runnymede Library present free screening & discussion of Gasland II [Saturday Nov 02, 2013 - Tuesday Nov 12, 2013]
http://www.gaslandthemovie.com/ is 125 min. Please see www.green13toronto.org website for more information on upcoming events and sign up for our montly e-newsletter or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/green13toronto

Green 13 presents the documentary “Switch” [Tuesday Aug 20, 2013]
PWYC/Free screening and discussion Swansea Town Hall - http://swanseatownhall.ca/sth/?p=3242 Council Chamber, 2nd Floor Tuesday, August 20th 7:00 PM

Green 13 presents - Where Are You Go (documentary) [Tuesday Jul 16, 2013]
Where Are You Go documents the Tour De Afrique, a 12,000 km stage race from Cairo to Capetown. Where Are You Go - Trailer - http://youtu.be/7NpubbAzKSY Location/sponsored by: Runnymede Library

Green 13 presents Do The Math (The Movie) [Tuesday Jun 18, 2013]
Location: Jane/Dundas Library The Do The Math documentary is a 42-minute film about the rising movement in the United States to change the terrifying maths of the climate crisis and challenge the fossil fuel industry.

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