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People in Swansea

It is a fact that Swansea is a small municipality but people in Swansea have kept its identity even after amalgamation with the city of Toronto in the 1960s. Below is a list of those who are for one or another reason related to this area. Some of local streets have been named after these people:

Étienne Brűlé
Lucy Maud Montgomery
John George Howard
John Ellis
Mark Coe
William Rennie
Harold Town - Painter Artist
Thomas Hodgson - Painter Artist
David Crombie - Politician
James Worthington
Richard Symsyk
William Smith Durie
John Daniel Robins
Jamie Bell
Alex Ling
(...more to come)

Some other important to mention are: J. A. Harvey, John Gemmell, Robert Home Smith, Moses Znaimer, Bernice Thurman Hunter, Dorothy Hague and so on. You are welcome to suggest who should be on this page.

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