Swansea, Toronto, Canada
Swansea, Canada
Windermere, Swansea
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Swansea Seal Description:

Swansea Seal The two figures are Etienne Brule the first white man to set foot on what is now Swansea (Feb 15, 1615) and an Indian representing the Mississauga Indians who lived in the area.

The hills represent the rolling countryside which is similar to Swansea, Wales and Windermere, England. The water refers to Lake Ontario and the Humber River.

The Village was incorporated on January 01, 1926.

The Seal was approved by a resolution of the Village Council on February 15, 1926.

(Source: Swansea Public Library, 95 Lavinia Avenu, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

“I am deeply attached to my trees. I address to them elegies and sonnets and odes. I know them all by their names like my children. They are my family and I hope to die in the midst of them.”

- François René de Chateaubriand

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